How to Make an Impression with a Door Pull Handle

The old adage is true: “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” One of the first things that people notice when they arrive at your business is the exterior. This not only applies to the outside of the building, but to the door as well. An old door with hardware that is in disrepair may cause a potential customer to think twice before providing their business.


With First Impressions, you get that chance to make a solid impression. With over 27 types of different materials, we can supply you with the right type of door pull handles to fit your every need. While you may dream of having solid or plated gold handles for your business, that’s not always the most practical option. Choose from materials such as exotic woods or colored acrylics to help your front door stand out. We can provide the most cost-effective, yet stylish choice to bring your front door to life.

In addition to different materials, our clients have the benefit of choosing from 33 different finishes as well. These different finishes can be suited for appearance only, such as providing an antique look or a certain type of sheen, or they can be customized in order to fit a more functional need. For instance, we can apply weather-resistant materials to your door pull handles, or prepare them for heavy usage. For areas that have a lot of heavy, daily traffic, this option is best to promote the handles’ longevity.

Choosing is easy, and if you’re not sure, simply ask one of our staff to help you find your certain style. You will find that many of the ideas in our catalog stem from current and former customer ideas, so if you have an idea for a specific style of handle in mind, we are happy to suit any need.

First Impressions prizes customer satisfaction above all else. Feel free to peruse our online catalog and look through already established designs, or contact us to discuss specific needs so that we can bring your door pull handles to life.